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Projectors for rent  

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Projector for rent


Projector rentals with Video, VGA and HDMI inputs for $80.00 with no daily fee. Hook up to Laptops, iPads, Blu-Ray Players and more!

"No Stress"  We'll make sure you have everything you need for your presentation! 


 VGA, HDMI and Power Cables

It's always a good idea to plan out the available space, the sight lines, screen size, screen location and the audio requirements in advance - We can help!


iPad and Apple Laptop Adaptors - where available

Apple likes to be different! Don't be stuck last minute without the right adaptor to connect your Apple device


Audio Cables

 HDMI can cut out your audio access. Most of our HDMI projectors have audio outputs to avoid making complicated settings changes to your computer


Testing and Training

If you're not sure about anything, pick up your rental a few days early. Bring in your laptop and we'll hook it up and get it going so you can have a flawless presentation.