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Three locations offer pick-up or delivery - Mississauga, Hamilton, North York (Toronto - GTA)
Two locations offer delivery only - Oakville/Burlington, Cambridge (KW/Guelph and surrounding area)
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“We’ve got the Nightlife” with 30 years experience and over 20,000 karaoke rentals and events!

Same player, same songs - Two sizes of sound systems to choose from!

Acesonic Karaoke Player 2

All systems include the full featured Acesonic Karaoke Player programmed with over 3000 professionally recorded karaoke songs. To save your guests time and frustration we painstakingly sorted through over 50,000 karaoke songs to bring you the most popular songs from the 50’s to recent. To help find those songs “fast and easy” we supply 5 catalogs listing all selections by artist and title.

Keep the party rocking…no discs to clean and change, all the songs are built into the player, just enter the song number and sing, what could be easier! All systems include 2 singer mics and a spare mic, extra cables and a free TV monitor with stand (if required) All systems are compatible with any device with a headphone jack and include the cable to connect your audio device to our system.

Want to sing something we don't offer? "YouTube Karaoke"

Play the words and music on your TV, tablet, iPad, laptop or Smartphone and use our sound system and mics to sing the very latest releases and international music available on YouTube

Note...the YouTube feature is available with all our systems

 Nightlife Karaoke Music

To view our Karaoke Foundation set by Artist click below

Karaoke Foundation Songbook by Artist

To View our Updates from 2012 to recent by Artist click below

Karaoke USB Updates by Artist 

Both systems come with the Foundation Set, the Updates and the Jukebox Music Mixes

USB Jukebox Music Mixes - not karaoke

Bonus music for listening and dancing

  1. - Classical Dinner Mix (88 min)
  2. - Jazz Dinner Mix (74 min)

Retro Dancemix (#1 - #10) 1960 to 2004

  1. - #1 Retro Dancemix (37 min)
  2. - #2 Retro Dancemix (38 min)
  3. - #3 Retro Dancemix (41 min)
  4. - #4 Retro Dancemix (36 min)
  5. - #5 Retro Dancemix (37 min)
  6. - #6 Retro Dancemix (34 min)
  7. - #7 Retro Dancemix (37 min)
  8. - #8 Retro Dancemix (32 min)
  9. - #9 Retro Dancemix (30 min)
  10. - #10 Retro Dancemix (38 min)
  11. - 80’s / 90’s Dancemix (90 min)
  12. - Pop Medley 2005 - 2011 (15 min)
  13. - Pop Medley 2005 - 2011 (15 min)
  14. - Pop Medley 2005 - 2011 (15 min)
  15. - Pop Medley 2013 - 2017 (88 min)
  16. - Latin Medley - English Mix (20 min)

Two complete karaoke packages to choose from - Home Karaoke System or Full Size Karaoke Event System

Note*  All systems include the same Acesonic Karaoke Player and music selection.

Home Karaoke system

Home Karaoke System features a great sounding musician quality amp / 3 channel mixer with a built in full range 12" karaoke speaker system. Holds 2 mics for solos and duets. For up to 40 guests in a home, smaller backyard or party room – feels like you’re singing with a band! - Complete system rental fee $125.00  "Stress Free" delivery, set-up, training and pick-up available - request a quote

sound system

Full Size Karaoke System features a separate high quality  325 watt / 6 channel amp-mixer with 2 full range 250 watt 12" karaoke speakers The best choice for a larger group in almost any situation. Also great when speeches, music or dancing may be required - all in one DJ and Karaoke system! - Complete system rental fee $150.00  "Stress Free" delivery, set-up, training and pick-up available - request a quote

Let everyone see the lyrics and join in the fun!

When the audience can see and sing along with the words and music they get more enthused to participate

LED TV Audience Monitor for smaller audiences - $25.00

32” LED TV Audience Monitor on a tall stand - $50.00

40” LED  TV Audience Monitor on a tall stand - $80.00

Both 32” and 40” TV’s come in a protective bag with a tall stand for easy mounting

TV’s are not available at every location

Projector - $80.00

Projector and 6’ x 6’ Tripod Screen - $100.00